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Two Roads Diverge

Land Owners

Would you like to profit from the idle time that you land goes unused? Here at The Lot Pop we have streamlined the process that will allow you to list your property for small business enterprises that wish to use it.

Small Business enterprises

Do you get frustrated when looking for an outdoor space to rent? Is it time consuming? Here at The Lot Pop we have streamlined the process and you can now rent a spance with just a few clicks. Insurance and permitting included!

The Lot Pop can make all the Difference

List your property

If you wish to list your property, let us know and we will visit the space, determine viability and get you the best price for rental.

Search for vacant land

Our search will allow you to filter land by location, size, demographics and more. All properties are pre-insured and pre-approved for event use.

Get all proper documentation
with a couple clicks

We all have paperwork. With just a few clicks, your documents will be sent on time in the right party. Whether it's insurance or permit, we've get you covered.

Join the band & meet like minded
business owners

The business Access Network for development aka BAND is a community of businesses that allows similiar businesses to come together for a single event and split the cost.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of human connection and the beauty of the places it resides in.
Spaces are the core of The Lot Pop.
Our goal is to provide a system where different parties connect to make magic happen.